Shouldn’t “body” be the subject of 1 Corinthians 15:44, and not the inserted “it”?

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In 1 corinthians 15:44, the passage reads in English - "it" is a sown a natural body, "it" is raised a spiritual body. However, the "it" is actually inserted into the text in English. The nominative noun is actually "body", therefore, shouldn't the passage be read as - "a natural body is sown, a spiritual body is raised"?

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If you look at the previous verses, the subject is not stated. Obviously he is talking about the body. The translation "it" works perfectly in English. In v. 44, it's the same subject ("it," the body). σωμα ψυχικόν is appositive: "It is sown as an animal body..." Given this context, it would not be accurate to translate σωμα ψυχικόν as if it were the subject.

Such a mistranslation could also be read as implying that there are two bodies, which would contradict Paul's point. Although it is a theological question how this can be the same body, that's not something a translator should stumble into.